​Vietnamese baby filmed crawling across highway as parents sleep 

​Vietnamese baby filmed crawling across highway as parents sleep

A baby moves on National Route 7 in Nghe An Province, Vietnam, in a screenshot.

A video of an unattended baby crawling across a major highway in north-central Vietnam was quick to make its round on social media earlier this week.

Nguyen Trong Hai was driving on a rural portion of National Route 7 through Nghe An Province when he spotted a one-year-old crawling in the middle of the road.

Hai immediately stopped his vehicle, picked up the child, and located the parents who were taking a nap in their nearby house.

The driver published dash cam footage of the incident on his social media account on Tuesday, garnering much praise from viewers.

A baby moves on National Route 7 in Nghe An Province, Vietnam, in a video posted on a social media channel by Nguyen Trong Hai on May 15, 2018.

Several cases of unminded children have been reported in Vietnam recently, one of them ending in death.

A three-year-old child in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, attempted to step over the low horizontal bar across the window of its room on the 11th story of a condominium in mid-March.

Two men from an adjacent room rushed over as the toddler continued to climb through the window before a person in the baby’s room carried him inside.

In another event the same month, a baby creeping to the median barrier on National Route 18 running through Cam Pha, a city in Quang Ninh Province, was filmed by a vehicle dash cam.

Luckily, a driver halted his car before a tragic situation could occur.

In early March, an unattendend three-year-old boy in the northern Vietnamese province of Nam Dinh took the elevator to the 21st floor of a kindergarten building and walked down the stairs to the 20th floor, where he climbed through the window, fell to the sixth floor, and died.

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