1,400 teachers to lose jobs in Gia Lai

The authorities of the Central Highland province of Gia Lai plans to terminate the labour contracts of some 1,400 teachers in an effort to comply with the Politburo’s resolution to streamline the contingent of public and civil workers.

Students in a literature class at the Ethnic Minority Boarding High School in Gia Lai Province

The cut will leave some of the province’s distant and border areas with no teachers as the province was already facing shortage of some 2,000 teachers before they were recruited, according to the Gia Lai Department of Internal Affairs.
“Several classes and schools in the province will be merged with each other as a temporary solution to the teacher shortage,” said Huỳnh Minh Thuận, director of the Gia Lai Department of Education and Training.
The remaining teachers will be allocated fairly among areas, he added.
The department will call for financial contribution from members of the society to pay the teachers instead of relying solely on the Government’s payroll, he said.
The authorities of two Ia Grai and Chư Pưh communes in the province terminated labour contracts with 350 teachers at the beginning of this year.
About 19,000 teachers are working in the province, from kindergarten to general education levels.

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