Miss Earth winner says she found safe at the event

The winner of Miss Earth 2018, Vietnamese representative Nguyen Phuong Khanh, confirmed that she had never heard about sexual harassment during the time she participated in the event.

Vietnamese representative Nguyen Phuong Khanh wins Miss Earth 2018

Following denouncement from three candidates of Miss Earth 2018 who have just revealed their experiences of sexual harassment involving a sponsor during the international beauty pageant, the pageant's winner said she had been unaware of any such incidents.

"We took part in many events with the sponsors and I found everything was going on fairly. I found the organisation and management of the event very good. I fainted once and received good care and treatment."
Miss Earth-Canada Jaime Yvonne Vandenberg on November 7 shared on her Instagram page about her being sexually harassed by a sponsor during the international beauty pageant, which was recently concluded in the Philippines.

Miss Earth Guam Emma Mae Sheedy, Miss Earth Canada Jaime VanderBerg, Miss Earth England Abbey-Anne Gyles-Brown.

Vandenberg, who eventually withdrew from the competition, said the sponsor started harassing her on her second day in the country. She said the sponsor got her mobile number without her consent and kept calling her to ask for her hotel and room number.
But it didn't stop there. The candidate said the unnamed sponsor offered her competition advancement if she granted him sexual favours.
"He showed up to almost all of my events telling me he could take care of my needs and asked for sexual favours in exchange to get me further in the pageant. I was disgusted," Vandenberg wrote.
Shortly after Vandenberg’s post appeared, Emma Mae Sheedy of Guam and Abbey-Anne Gyles-Brown of England also spoke out against a sponsor who allegedly behaved inappropriately during Miss Earth pre-pageant activities in their respective Instagram pages.

While Gyles-Brown did not reveal the name of the sponsor she is accusing of sexual harassment, Sheedy identified him in her Instagram post.

According to Sheedy, Gyles-Brown and Canadian beauty queen Jaime Vandenberg spoke with Lorraine Schuck of Carousel Productions – the organisation that owns and runs Miss Earth – about the harassment.
She said Schuck assured them that the sponsor will not be part of any other event, but he was still present until the coronation night.
In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Schuck refuted some of Vandenberg’s claims, stressing that police officers were with them to make sure the candidates were safe.

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