Sapa Love Market

Viet Nam has more than 50 ethnic groups, each plays an important role in the cultural diversity as well as the spiritual beauty of this country. Festivals are amazing, weekend fair are interesting… but love market is something more than that. It express the culture, the beauty, the ambition and the sentimental custom…

Weekend fair is no doubt one of the most attractive touristic traits of some mountain town in the southern Viet Nam, especially in Sapa. But I can make sure that Love market is a very new thing to a lot of people. Then, what the love market is?

Please, just don’t think about something sensitive. Love market is firstly not a market. It means they don’t sell or buy anything there but just a traditional festival about love of the ethnic groups. Then why they call “market”? Literally, because it takes place in the market.

Come to think about the reason why this cultural activity take place in the market, just relate it to the weekend fair. Weekend fair is organized every Sunday morning then people, mainly young men and women, have to come sooner in the Saturday night. Then that turn into a very good chance to get to know each other as well as to find another half.

Dao’s people don’t dress up in daily life because of the house chores or the cultivation. But in a night like that, they all gorgeous in their traditional costumes. Girls cover their head with a red scarf and a stunning flowery dress which is decorated with some pretty silver accessories. More than that, they become hornier with the jingle from the small bells on their clothes. And somehow people think that this kind of sound will make them find their love. If girls look flawless in red, boys appear so manly in blue with a radio on their shoulder. They all look so enthusiastic being a part of such an energetic night like this.

Tourist can see or also participate a lot of traditional activities as unique as singing Giao duyen in their unique languages, playing a kind of bugle made of leaves or playing some game… They sing to their crushes, they play music to express their feelings, they are eager to show themselves…  They are shy, they are nervous, they are simple… but also romantic as the way there are.

In a weekly market, you can buy all beautiful souvenir but only in love market you can bring home the most unforgettable experience. Let make sure to not miss the unique event in your Sapa tour.

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