Suggest the perfect time to travel Sapa tours

You can go to Sapa at any time of the year, but to see and experience Sapa tours at the most beautiful and impressive, must choose the right time.

Take Sapa tours in March to May

March is the spring in Sapa, and of course during the four seasons of the year, spring is always the most beautiful, warm and pleasant. The weather at this time is cool, bright and dry. Morning cloudy is the opportunity to witness the beautiful scene only in Sapa. The clouds of the sky before your eyes create a unique nature.

Looking at the green rice field in Sapa in May
Looking at the green rice field in Sapa in May

In addition, Sapa tours in March to May is the green rice season. Each terraced rice field is dyed with a long green color. If you do not like blue, you can postpone the time through August, September to witness the beautiful golden rice season.

Besides rice fields, this season Sapa has many beautiful flowers to show off. You can come here at this time to get some great pictures.

Take Sapa tours in late August to September

If you miss the occasion of Sapa at the beginning of the year, no problem, you can arrange time to visit Sapa in late August to September. Some of the rice fields are just a few color dots to help the picture more highlight. But a vast field of gold dyed by rice makes for a beautiful rural picture.

However, you should only go from mid-September back, because from October onwards golden rice fields have disappeared. Rice is ripe, people have to harvest, leave empty hills empty.

Take Sapa tours in October to mid-November

If you want to Sapa tours at the end of the year, October to November is a nice time. Leaving aside the chaos, tornado of life, you find a peaceful and poetic place – Sapa. What is your favorite Sapa season? The first is the air is slightly cold. Sapa tours this season has entered the winter, but not so cold to the “cutting skin cut meat”. A little cold will give you an unforgettable experience.

 Experience the first cold in Sapa in November
Experience the first cold in Sapa in November

The second is to find peace through the landscape of Sapa, people here. Day to the valley, watching flowers, sightseeing, watching terraced fields. In the evening go for a walk and enjoy delicious food. There is no golden rice field or brilliant flower field, but the peace and nature will leave you with unforgettable impressions.

Take Sapa tours in December to February

This time Sapa is very cold, so if you choose to go now you must determine that you will live with the cold northwestern price. But its cool, especially in Sapa, will have snow. If you have not seen snow yet, you can go to Sapa to see how interesting it is.

December to February is also the Sapa tourist season so visitors come here very crowded. If you are afraid of crowded, afraid of the noise should move time to Sapa at times, people can feel the hidden beauty of Sapa.