Temple of Literature welcomes more than 100,000 visitors in 4 days of Tet holiday

The Hanoitimes – In the first four days of the Lunar New Year, the Temple of Literature-Imperial Academy has received more than 100,000 visitors coming for sightseeing and for the traditional “asking for letters” from calligraphy masters at the beginning of the year, according to Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities of the Temple of Literature-Imperial Academy report.

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The Temple of Literature-Imperial Academy has been crowded with visitors since the early morning of the first day of the lunar year. Due to the great number of visitors, Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities of the Temple of Literature-Imperial Academy has instructed people to line up to “ask for letters,” and divided people into groups to avoid jostling. The center has mobilized 100% of its human resources during the Lunar New Year holiday, as well as opened the site earlier and closed later than usual, from 7:30 am until 7:30 pm.
In addition, the center has completed the decoration for the site, using flower baskets/mini flower gardens and mini landscape designs to arrange signs/name plates in order to create a scenery suitable for the festive days.
In particular, the Lunar Spring 2018 Calligraphy Show held at the Literature Lake of the historic site has received 5 times as many visitors as in the previous year. Almost all visitors to the Temple of Literature-Imperial Academy tour the Calligraphy Show. The guests "asking for letters" have been spread all over the site, both at the temple and the lake, therefore, congestions in the central area did not occur this Lunar New Year.
There are many interesting traditional cultural activities besides the calligraphy exhibition and calligraphic writing at the Calligraphy Show to attract visitors.
In addition, the number of international tourists to the capital city of Hanoi are estimated to rise by 30% to 125,000 people during the week-long Tet (Vietnamese New Year) festival. Most of the foreign visitors came from China, South Korea, Japan, the US, France, Germany, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand, according to Hanoi Department of Tourism report. Ha Phuong

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