Ca phe chon among world’s five types of weird coffee around...

The Hanoitimes - A good cup of coffee gives you the strength to power through a long, tiring day. Ca phe chon (puke coffee) in Vietnam has been ranked the secon..

Banh mi – one of the reasons to fall in love...

The Hanoitimes - Experiencing new cuisines is one of the best ways to help you discover a culture-rich city like Hanoi. Hanoi is heaven of street food, so touri..

Hoi An recognized as Vietnam’s new food capital

The Hanoitimes - Hoi An has recently been recognized as Vietnam’s new food capital by the World Association of Chef Societies. Hoi An traditional cuisine..

Nem chua nuong captures the heart of Hanoians

The Hanoitimes - As the capital of Vietnam with more than 1,000 years of history, Hanoi has a zest for food life that’s played out on the streets.With vendors s..

Vietnamese food among world’s 500 culinary experiences

The Hanoitimes - Lonely Planet has announced its list of 500 culinary experiences from around the globe to help foodies decide where to travel next. Pho along t..

Bun Cha among world’s most popular street foods

The Hanoitimes - There`s something so fulfilling about street food. So how many of these snacks have you tasted?Bun Cha has been ranked 14th among the most popu..

Food Fest 2017 to be held in Ho Chi Minh City

The Hanoitimes - The 2nd Food Fest 2017 is set to transpire on December 8 - 10 in Ho Chi Minh City where guests can indulge their palates with as many as 1,500 ..

Four breakfast cuisines sold out in a few hours in Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - Instead of sleeping until noon, why do you think about getting up early and having breakfast with friends? There is a good list of delicious br..

Sapa Local Specialties – Fruits, Cap Nach pigs, Stream fish, Thang...

Every region has a variety of food and some of them are considered as special as the mark of the region when tourists come...

Forbes names Vietnam among world’s most fascinating destinations for coffee lovers

The Hanoitimes - Vietnamese-style coffee often includes added ingredients like egg yolk and yogurt to make the beverage more flavorful.Vietnam has been ranked s..

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